The Bell System 901 door entry kits are one of the more popular door entry systems due in the most part to their tough construction which offers both resistance to corrosion and general durability at a sensible price.

The units are both practical and aesthetically pleasing in all environments and locations and can be either surface or flush mounted.

The 901 system contains a model 801 telephone handset¬†which is especially recommended for use by the elderly due to its extra width. ¬†It incorporates a ‘lock release’ push-button which is cleverly located under the handset which helps to eliminate accidental activation or inadvertent use.

The ring tone has an added safety feature in that the tone volume is reduced when the handset if off the hook.

The 901 one way door entry system contains

  • a model 801 telephone
  • a model SPA front door panel
  • a model 61 speech unit
  • a model 203 surface lock release
  • a model 121 12v AC PSU
  • full wiring and installation instructions
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