Chained To Your Desk? A Brief History

We think desks should be portable...again... The phrase 'chained to your desk' has become so cliche that it's easy to forget that for hundreds of years, the desk was a relatively portable piece of furniture. We say "easy to forget", like that might be common knowledge, but as desk lovers, we were of course well aware. [...]

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5 ‘Interesting’ facts about cardboard

Bear with us... Okay, so cardboard might not traditionally be thought of as one of the world's most exciting materials - clearly, that honour goes to velour, or possibly flubber - but here at ai we're really excited about the way smart design can change the way we think of something as everyday as cardboard [...]

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5 Ways To Make Your Work Space Greener

Whether you work from home or at a large office, there are several things you can do personally to make your work environment greener. Here are just a few examples: 1. Use your computer's power saving settings You don't want to be shutting down and starting up your computer several times a day, but [...]

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